Main Characters Edit

  • Luna, the true heir to the throne of the Cloud. She has strong magical powers, and at the beginning of the story is very new to using them.
  • Sola, Luna's younger sister. She was lost in time, and appears to have grown up in a dimensional rift. She's very grumpy and protective, and makes rash decisions. She also has strong magical powers.
  • Harmony. Harmony was assigned to look after Luna when she was a child, and therefore took on the shape of a girl Luna's age. Nobody knows what Harmony actually looks like, and they keep many secrets. They have extremely strong magical power.
  • Theo. Theo is one of the newcomers to the Cloud, and possesses the power of Mist. He's very shy, but opens up to those he cares about.
  • Jac. Jac and Theo are very close, they arrived together and hide a dark past.. She has powers that revolve around ice and snow.

Side Characters Edit

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