Glenn Mercer was married to One, and the father of Luna and Sola. He was a very patient and kind man who gave up his immortality to ensure the survival of his daughters- and the Cloud. He was one of the five that came to Earth to hide, and the only one to spend the rest of his life there. He died in 1998, after starting a new life with a clean slate.

Family Edit

The sole reason Glenn came to Earth was to take care of Sola & Luna during the War. He cared about his family more than anything, and he threw what he knew away to keep them safe.

Sola Edit

Glenn never was able to see Sola grow up, or ever speak to her as an adult. Prior to her being lost, she was just one of his beautiful twin daughters, and the first heir to the throne.

Luna Edit

Glenn loved Luna, possibly more than life itself. She was his sole reason to keep living, and although she never realized it, a constant reminder of good in the world. Similar to Sola, he never got to see her all grown up, although he had the chance to raise her. On her 12th birthday, when Harmony took her back to the Cloud, he was too saddened by the fact that she was leaving that he couldn't bear to say goodbye to her.

One Edit

One and Glenn were completely and utterly in love. He was crushed by her demise, but promised to himself that he would never forget her. He was the only person that she let call her "Samantha".

Life on Earth Edit

Life in the Cloud Edit

Quotes and Moments Edit

"They told me that I wouldn't stand a chance. I told them that I had looked demons straight in the eye, and that I was no newcomer to fear. I truly am afraid, somewhere deep inside... but now is not the time for worry. There are more important things at stake, and not all the cards have been dealt yet."

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