For this page, Harmony will be referred to as a girl, since it's how Luna sees her.

Harmony is one of the main characters in Powers Far Greater. A skilled mage, Harmony serves the Palace and acts as an advisor to the Mages.


For the most part, nothing is known about Harmony's past or true form. They have the ability to change aspects of their appearance at will, and therefore nothing is certain about what they look like without magical interference.

Personality Edit

Harmony will generally act differently towards different people. This change in personality is so subtle it goes unnoticed by everyone, but Harmony does it to make the mages feel more comfortable around them.

  • Luna generally refers to Harmony as a girl, mostly because she grew up believing that Harmony was a mortal girl.
  • Harmony is sarcastic to those she isn't close to. Not mean sarcastic, but witty.

She's typically avoidant of children and will try to come in contact with them as little as possible. Luna and her have gotten into disagreements because of her implied disgust towards Galaxy.

Powers Edit

The full extent of her powers are unknown, but Harmony seems to be the most powerful of all the mages.

Manipulation of time Edit

Harmony can effectively time travel, which can lead to the illusion that she is in two places at once.

Manipulation of self Edit

Harmony can change her outward appearance, which is why she's regarded as such a mystery. This includes her hair, eyes, skin, gender, height, weight... etc.

Dimensional control Edit

True Identity Edit

This section contains massive spoilers. Proceed with caution.

Harmony's true identity is almost a paradox: she is actually Luna's daughter.

This is why she avoids Galaxy- she's trying to secure her future, and keep herself safe.

Before Galaxy's disappearance, Harmony was the last person to speak with her. She told her two things in hope that their timeline could be preserved.

  • Go with the angel
  • Stay far away

During Galaxy's time with Lexi, she learns who she is destined to become. The effects of her immortality don't come into effect until she reaches the age of 18, which gives her 8 human years with Lexi. However, Lexi's meadow is encased in a magical barrier- by the time Galaxy/Harmony leaves, no time has passed outside at all.

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