Overview Edit

Mages are the magical race of elemental demi-gods that live on Earth or in the Cloudlands.

They have a wide range of powers and abilities, and have special resistance to wounds and aging.

Immortality Edit

All mages age slowly, but around 60% are completely immortal. They physically age up to a certain point, but can control how they look from there. Still, Mist is the only thing that can end an Immortal Mage's life, as it happened with One.

The life span of the least powerful mages average around 300-350 human years.

Types of Mages Edit

Mages have a very large variety of power types and influences. Each mage's special magic falls within one of three categories depending on how it is used/can be used. Some Mages fall into two or all three, and are put into a different group, however, this is very rare.

Elemental Edit

Elemental Mages are most often completely immortal. They have extremely powerful magic that encompasses aspects of a certain element, like fire, water, or air. Most elemental mages have powers suitable for combat, and reject normal weapons in favor of fighting with their magic.

Some Elemental Mages of note include Jac, Myth, and Pris.

Creative Edit

Creative Mages have variable powers that can be expressed in numerous forms. Their magic can be used to build or create, and they are typically viewed as the most common sort of mage. Most magical games and tricks originate from creative mages.

Some Creative Mages of note include One and Misty.

Emotional Edit

Emotional Mages control their powers in a more emotion-based way, hence their name. They generally have less-physical powers, with abilities affected by or to affect emotion. This is the least common type of the three.

Some Emotional Mages of note include Lexi and Electra.

Mixed types Edit

Rarely, a mage's power can be considered to be two or all three of the above, which puts them into the extremely small group of mixed-type mages.

Mixed type mages can be Elemental&Creative, Elemental&Emotional, Emotional&Creative, or Elemental&Creative&Emotional. Their power contains all of or most of the aspects from the different groups, which makes them both very powerful but slightly unstable.

Some mixed type mages of note include Luna and Sola, who both are Elemental&Creative&Emotional, Theo, who is Emotional&Creative, and Harmony, who is also Emotional&Creative.

Mages Edit

Name Power Name Power
Luna Night Harmony ???
Sola Day Theo Nightmares(?)
One Time Jac Ice
Pris Wind Myth Fire
Elise Electricity Misty Weather
Ozzy Water Claude Manipulation of environment
Lexi Emotion
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