Magic Overview Edit

Depending on who or what is using magic, the way it works can change. Every resident of the Cloudlands knows about or directly uses magic, and around half of them are capable of self-generating magical energy.

Every Mage has a special type of magic that they alone can use, some more powerful than others. The unique magic that a certain Mage can wield normally ties into their element, or at least is related.

Magical Energy Edit

Magical energy is what allows mortal humans (aka Cloud People, the Cloud residents who are not Mages) to use and develop magic on their own.

Around half the people living in the Cloud are born with the ability to generate this energy by themselves, but less than five percent of the ones who can self-generate have enough power to go beyond very simple actions. The strongest person's magic is incredibly weak even compared to a low-ranking Mage, and they wouldn't be able to use their magic for too long before getting weakened.

Most stores and tradespeople who deal in enchanted goods also have refined magical energy solutions, which are sold at a high price to mostly upper-class people. These solutions come in the form of potion, dust, or written script, and can provide when ingested or otherwise used a limited amount of magical energy.

No matter what, the combined magical ability of all Cloud People is nothing compared to that of a Mage. The Cloud People generally use magic as a party trick or game, or to do household chores or similar things.

Mages and Magic Edit

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Each Mage has natural magical powers alongside resistance to injuries and aging.

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