One was the first ruler of the Cloud, which is where her name originated from. She was originally from Denver, Colorado, but was taken to the Cloud when she was young by Harmony.

She was orphaned and Harmony was the lone guardian figure in her life, although their relationship later in life was that of siblings or best friends. She was married to Glenn Mercer and had two children, Luna and Sola.

She died trying to return to the Cloud after taking her family to a hidden location to keep them safe. The only witnesses to her death were Harmony and a very young Luna.


One had very natural motherly tendencies, and by instinct took many people under her wing. She could be strict, but was never contested. 

Despite not being very extroverted, she had many friends and it was hard to not enjoy her company.


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After One's death, she became part of the Asphodel Realm. She was the first Mage to end up there, and spent a very long time in solitude before other mages joined her.

As the end of the War of the Cloud drew closer, One's body began to weaken and age as she worried over her daughters fates. By the time Sola became part of Asphodel, One was very frail, although she still was able to go about her daily routines.

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