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This is a WIP database for my main story project, Powers Far Greater.

The tale follows a young girl, Luna, as she learns about her true identity- the daughter of an immortal queen with amazing gifts and powers. Her life is turned upside down as she struggles to adapt to her new setting under the guidance of mysterious childhood friend Harmony and many other characters with similar abilities to her own.

Luna is the heir to the throne of the Cloudlands, a place where magic is real and almost anything can happen. As she figures out more about the world she truly belongs in, the more questions she has. There's a cold dark side to any bright power, and the Cloud does not lack that.

Mist demons, shadowy entities that feed off the light and transform your happiest dream into your darkest nightmare, exist alongside the magic that keeps the Cloud alive- which, in turn, ensures the safety and protection of Earth. Luna's mother, One was lost trying to protect her daughter from the war that seemed to never end, sprung up randomly in between long eras of peace and restfulness.

There is more to the truth than Luna knows, and it all starts with her being crowned princess.

A long lost (and presumed dead) sister lost in time itself, full of sadness and jealousy, finds her way back home, and isn't about to be forgotten about.

Two mysterious newcomers from the twisted future of Earth prove difficult as one holds the power to the Mist in his own ability, which is violently unstable and dangerous. The other will protect him to the end of time to repay a hidden debt she owes, and will not let anyone write him off as a lost cause just yet.

An old friend of One's who blames her death on Luna, and will not bow to the rightful heir no matter what, proves difficult to deal with.

Sometimes powers far greater than anyone could imagine are controlled by unlikely heroes.


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