Overview Edit

Regathia is the largest city in the Cloudlands, and is located in southwest Regathia Province. Despite being on the coast, the fishing industry is very small. It is known for its birds, both wild and tame. There are many birdkeepers and breeders in Regathia, and it makes up most of the market here.

Regathia is split into three different areas: City Center, which is where the main markets and businesses are, the apartment districts, where most residents live, and the outskirts, which is mostly stand-alone buildings.

The architecture in the city is more vertical, with a great deal of four and even five storey buildings. Most residents live in apartments.

Ida Arits is the mayor of Regathia during the events of Jac, Jack.

Residents of note Edit

Jack's family originated from here, and he spent his first 18 years here before moving to Shade.

Theo's base in the War of the Cloud was right outside Regathia.

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