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  • Luna and Sola quarrel a lot, but underneath all the bitter feelings they do truly care for one another.
  • Luna and Harmony used to be very close, but have slowly fallen apart from each other. The two still are quite close, and Harmony considers Luna to be one of their closest friends. Luna however does have some slight mistrust of Harmony, but it pains her to think about.
  • Luna is slightly scared of Pris. Pris understands why people generally regard her as scary or intimidating, and doesn't press things with her.


  • Sola and Luna quarrel a lot, but underneath all the bitter feelings they do truly care for one another.
  • Sola respects Harmony and is mostly compliant with them. It's mostly out of fascination, but Sola does fear what Harmony is capable of.
  • Sola despises Lexi, calling her "bossy" and "mean" to her face.
  • Sola sees Jac like a sister, but unlike how she treats Luna, she's actually invested in their relationship and loves to be around Jac. The two get along very well, and share many secrets entrusted to them by Luna and Theo.
  • Sola thinks Theo is a crybaby, and will tease and taunt him. She's the only other person besides Jac who knows that Theo has a crush on Luna (without just suspecting it). In the end, she and him do get along despite her endless pranks and jokes.


  • Harmony and Luna used to be very close, but Harmony has pulled away from the relationship. They try to protect Luna from their hidden past, and the best way of doing that is avoiding her.
  • Harmony is seen as the only person Sola will take orders from, and is amused by this. 
  • Harmony is very neutral towards Lexi, and will gravitate towards her side in arguments. However, they seem to be uncomfortable around her, which can make situations with the two of them awkward.
  • Harmony and Pris are pretty close, and take walks in the gardens every weekend together. 


  • Theo would give his life for Jac. The two have known each other for a very long time, and share a grim past. She is the only person he 100% trusts.
  • Theo and Lexi get along well enough. 
  • Theo is a target for Sola's pestering, but he's all right with it and knows she means no (or little) harm. 
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