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Main Series Edit

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All books will be accessable on the main website (TBD, not set up yet) and as a free eBook on Amazon when complete.

The Shattering of the Sun Edit

Luna learns her true destiny when her childhood friend Harmony reveals her past as the daughter of a powerful Queen and brings her back to the magical land that once was her home. She has to come to terms with who she really is, and learn everything she knew in a new light. Right when everything seems to be settling down, a girl appears and shakes Luna’s life up again. She’s her little sister, Sola, who was thought to have been lost years ago. Sola is jealous, spiteful, and sad, and nothing Luna does can change that. Sola’s past is unknown and dark, and everyone treads cautiously around the newfound addition to the already unsteady family. Until, one day, Sola disappears, taking with her the prized artifact that keeps the Cloud balanced: the Sun Jewel. Without the Jewel, the Cloud’s magic (and by extension, Earth’s order and stability) slows down and could come to a complete stop, along with the Sun itself. Their world is thrown into chaos as Luna fights to recover the stone, and more importantly, her sister, all while Harmony grows more and more distant and Luna struggles to reconcile with who once was her best friend before the world is torn apart.

Holding Mist Edit

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Behind Broken Glass Edit

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Galaxies Outside the Window Edit


Dreamland Edit

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Other stories Edit

In addition to the main plotline, there are at least 3 other books planned to cover the Cloud’s history/ One’s backstory, and insights into characters who weren’t expanded upon much in the books.

Jac, Jack Edit

A collection of Jac’s diary entries beginning after her arrival in the Cloud. Revolving around her friendship with Jack, they detail how she learns to deal with life and death from a new perspective.

Empty Well Edit

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Angels on Fire Edit

From the perspective of Harmony, Myth, Lexi, and other early arrivals to the Castle, this is One’s story. Beginning with her rescue from a burning house on a snowy night, to riding horseback across the desert to escape a painful fate, One has adventures of her own up until her dying day.

Comics Edit

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Memory Garden Edit

Memory Garden follows Jac and Theo as they live their life before they are transported to the Cloud. With flashbacks to their traumatic past and the reasons they were exiled from society, the comic centers around the little family they create out of nothing but love and friendship.

Roses, not Love Edit

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Other Edit

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